Irving Norman, “Blind Momentum”

“My heroes are Sartre and Camus. I think of them as philosophers representing their thinking of France and the West nations which have fulfilled their mission in terms of world power and they see the fulfillment of this power as illogical, senseless and absurd in the terms of whole of human existence. So that is the thinking that leads to abstraction and at the same time to the concrete…There is no answer to this problem of existence. It’s like the theatre of the absurd. It all seems to come to a senseless head when a civilization reaches its fulfillment and has nowhere to go. In the meantime, we have to react to our own time…”


Andrei Tarkovsky, “The Sacrifice”

“Lord, deliver us in this terrible hour. Do not let my children die, my friends, my wife. I will give you all I possess. I will leave the family I love. I will destroy my home, give up my son. I shall be silent, will never speak with anyone again. I will give up everything that binds me to life if you will only let everything be as it was before, as it was this morning, as it was yesterday, so that I may be spared this deadly, sickening, animal fear.”