Samuel Beckett, “Waiting for Godot”

POZZO: Ah yes! The night. [He raises his head.] But be a little more attentive, for pity’s sake, otherwise we’ll never get anywhere. [He looks at the sky.] Look. [All look at the sky except LUCKY who is dozing off again. POZZO jerks the rope.] Will you look at the sky, pig! [LUCKY looks at the sky.] Good, that’s enough. [They stop looking at the sky.] What is there so extraordinary about it? Qua sky. It is pale and luminous like any sky at this hour of the day. [Pause.] In these latitudes. [Pause.] When the weather is fine. [Lyrical.] An hour ago [He looks at his watch, prosaic] roughly [Lyrical] after having poured forth ever since [He hesitates, prosaic] say ten o’ clock in the morning [Lyrical] tirelessly torrents of red and white light it begins to lose its effulgence, to grow pale [Gesture of two hands lapsing by stages], pale, ever a little paler, a little paler until [Dramatic pause, ample gesture of two hands flung wide apart] pppfff! finished! it comes to rest. But– [Hand raised in admonition] — but behind this veil of gentleness and peeve night is charging [Vibrantly] and will burst upon us [Snaps his fingers] pop! like that! [His inspiration leaves him] just when we least expect it. [Silence. Gloomily.] That’s how it is on this bitch of an earth.


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