I feel very lucky to have so many friends doing such excellent work. I’ve received some real gems lately:

CARNI KLIRSDrift + Fade cassette, from Sister Polygon Records – shimmering, apocalyptic, ecstatic guitar drone  in the tradition of Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack or Hex-period Earth. Preview it here. Carni did the graphic design work for Animal Kingdom #2.

NIL PER OS – More true freak madness from brilliant true freak extraordinaire BECK LEVY (you’ve seen her in Animal Kingdom twice now…a serious comrade-in-arms in the Animal Army). The beautifully handmade NIL PER OS is part zine, part art book, part found object, part memoir. Dispatches from the teenage mind prison! Buy it and check out Beck’s other work (including some excellent letterpress projects) at Astropress.

My dear friend RUSS WOODS helped put out SKYDEER HELPKING, a journal of animal obsessed weirdo poetry. Russ is basically the Paul Atreides of Chicago poetry, and, as is to be expected, SKYDEER HELPKING is well curated and beautifully presented. Take a look here.


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