The Animal Kingdom Publishing crew had a total blast at the Locust Moon Comics Festival, and, although I was within ten feet of Paul Pope, I did not get to meet him. I did, on the other hand, bring home a ton of great independent comics, including books by Josh Bayer, Aaron Lange, and Thomas Toye.

Also– and how cool is this– we got a shout out from Bleeding Cool, who named UNIVERSE OF TORMENT as one of the notable books at the fest. Aw shucks!


New Release, Festival Appearance, Geeking Out

I’m happy to announce a new release from Animal Kingdom Publishing— UNIVERSE OF TORMENT!

This 32 page volume collects the first four installments of Jacob Mazer’s autobiographical comic series as well as two previously unpublished stories, “THE PHILOSOPHER ATTAINS TRANSCENDENCE” and “A BOXING STORY.” That’s for sale at the store.

We’re also running a special package deal at the Animal Kingdom Publishing store— all four releases (ANIMAL KINGDOM #1, ANIMAL KINGDOM #2, HELL ON EARTH, UNIVERSE OF TORMENT) for just 21.00.

We’ll be tabling tomorrow (October 25, 2014) at Philadelphia’s LOCUST MOON COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL. The Fest is located at the Rotunda on the UPenn campus, 4014 Walnut St. It runs from 10 am – 6 pm. This is a sick fest, guys. Paul Pope is going to be there. So is Bill Sienkiewicz. So are about a hundred other interesting artists. I’m flipping out about the prospect of meeting Paul Pope. Holy shit.